Meet MLH's Top Hackers of 2020!

Last year, Major League Hacking (MLH) empowered nearly 100,000 technologists worldwide. Our community is full of people who will change the world. It's their stories that inspire us to do what we do every day. We launched the MLH Top 50 to highlight a few of the most inspiring stories from the last year with the hope they’ll inspire you too. Read more →

Lily Perry
Featured Hacker

Lily Perry, 19

Lily Perry created her first personal iOS project in high school after attending the 61st Commission on the Status of Women as a United Nations Delegate in 2017. She created a game to help educate young people on the sustainable development goal of gender equality. Since entering college, she has attended over 7 hackathons and codes projects such as WeMove, an app that pairs female users to walk over short distances so they don’t have to feel unsafe. 

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Athul Blesson
Athul Blesson, 20
Akash Singh
Akash Singh, 22
Aleksandr Malyshev
Aleksandr Malyshev, 23
Alexander Prosolkin
Alexander Prosolkin, 22
Allison Chiang
Allison Chiang, 21
Amy Le
Amy Le, 22
Andy Du Ly
Andy Du Ly, 20
Anita Tse
Anita Tse, 22
Aditya Oberai
Aditya Oberai, 20
Beowulf Horn
Beowulf Horn, 23
Brandon Barker
Brandon Barker, 21
Cameron Brill
Cameron Brill, 19
Christopher Gu
Christopher Gu, 21
Christopher Lambert
Christopher Lambert, 21
Conner Pinson
Conner Pinson, 22
Drew Emery
Drew Emery, 22
Elena Lape
Elena Lape, 22
Ellissa Peterson
Ellissa Peterson, 20
Emily Huang
Emily Huang, 22
Gabriel Ting
Gabriel Ting, 20
Harrison Luo
Harrison Luo, 22
Isabel Abonitalla
Isabel Abonitalla, 21
Jamshidbek Mirzakhalov
Jamshidbek Mirzakhalov, 22
Juraj Mičko
Juraj Mičko, 22
Justina Chua
Justina Chua, 17
Justin Glibert
Justin Glibert, 21
Kat O'Leary
Kat O'Leary, 21
Kenneth Morales
Kenneth Morales, 28
Lauren Tonello
Lauren Tonello, 24
Liam Sorta
Liam Sorta, 24
Lia Yeh
Lia Yeh, 21
Lily Perry
Lily Perry, 19
Lisa Vu
Lisa Vu, 20
Luis Ocampo
Luis Ocampo, 20
Maksim Diakov
Maksim Diakov, 21
Matthew Gaiser
Matthew Gaiser, 23
Michael Cao
Michael Cao, 19
Muntaser Syed
Muntaser Syed, 28
Natalie DellaMaria
Natalie DellaMaria, 22
Nathan Dimmer
Nathan Dimmer, 16
Nigel Brown
Nigel Brown, 30
Olivia Li
Olivia Li, 20
Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy, 20
Qianyun “Aria” Chang
Qianyun “Aria” Chang, 25
Rodolfo Ferro
Rodolfo Ferro, 27
Sarina Abrishamcar
Sarina Abrishamcar, 22
Shruti Das
Shruti Das, 20
Selynna Sun
Selynna Sun, 21
Stanley Lee
Stanley Lee, 19
Sumaiya Tabassum
Sumaiya Tabassum, 26
Zoe Fox
Zoe Fox, 22

Who are these hackers?

These hackers are people who have stood out from the crowd and done something exceptional within the hacker community. Whether they were creating an event to bring CS education to their area, working to make the tech world more inclusive, or programming a project with a positive impact on society, they have all inspired us. Many of these hackers made a real impact during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to help support their local tech communities. Like you, they are students or recent graduates who are using their knowledge to make the world a better place.