Meet MLH's Top Hackers of 2020!

Last year, Major League Hacking (MLH) empowered nearly 100,000 technologists worldwide. Our community is full of people who will change the world. It's their stories that inspire us to do what we do every day. We launched the MLH Top 50 to highlight a few of the most inspiring stories from the last year with the hope they’ll inspire you too. Read more →

Kenneth Morales
Featured Hacker

Kenneth Morales, 28

Kenneth Morales travels with his team most weekends to compete in hackathons across the US. Kenneth founded HackJWU founded Hack JWU, a club that subsidizes the travel to events for his members. Funding out of his own pocket, Kenneth cares deeply about making sure that others get to experience the same curiosity to learn and excitement in tech that he did. His Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) alarm project for firefighters got him recognition with the local fire marshal and chief.

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Who are these hackers?

These hackers are people who have stood out from the crowd and done something exceptional within the hacker community. Whether they were creating an event to bring CS education to their area, working to make the tech world more inclusive, or programming a project with a positive impact on society, they have all inspired us. Many of these hackers made a real impact during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to help support their local tech communities. Like you, they are students or recent graduates who are using their knowledge to make the world a better place.