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Major League Hacking (MLH) is built to empower hackers, helping early career technologists get the skills they need to be successful in their future, all while having fun, learning, and growing. Today MLH works with 1 in 3 CS majors in the United States and 150,000+ hackers worldwide. We are only able to do this because of the strength of our community and the people in it. Each year we gather stories of some of the hackers in it who inspire us. Read more →

Anita Yip
Featured Hacker

Anita Yip, 37

Anita had her interest in coding rekindled after attending TechTogether's very first event. From there, her excitement brought her to over 100 hackathons, where she works with new teams each time, prioritizing chance to work with new hacker to teach them, as she learns new technologies. She continues to win prizes at most hackathons she attends while helping grow and strengthen hundreds of hackers.

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Who are these hackers?

These hackers are people who have stood out from the crowd and done something exceptional within the hacker community. Whether they were creating an event to bring tech education to their area, working to make the tech world more inclusive, or programming a project with a positive impact on society, they have all inspired us. Like you, they are students or recent graduates who are using their knowledge to make the world a better place.