Meet the MLH Top 50 Class of 2021!

In the last year, Major League Hacking (MLH) has reached more hackers than ever before through digital events, impacting over 135,000 hackers worldwide. During a time where we were all told to isolate, we came together in the one way we knew how: through technology. With a community so full of talent and drive, we are constantly inspired by the work and events created. We launched the MLH Top 50 to highlight a few of the most inspiring stories from the last year with the hope they’ll inspire you too. Read more →

Fawziyah Alebiosu
Featured Hacker

Fawziyah Alebiosu, 21

Fawziyah Alebiosu is an MLH Coach and hacker who has worked to increase accessibility to tech education through mentorship, hosting workshops, and organizing Black Wings Hacks.

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Who are these hackers?

These hackers are people who have stood out from the crowd and done something exceptional within the hacker community. Whether they were creating an event to bring tech education to their area, working to make the tech world more inclusive, or programming a project with a positive impact on society, they have all inspired us. Like you, they are students or recent graduates who are using their knowledge to make the world a better place.