How are the MLH Top 50 selected?

Every MLH Top 50 hacker fills out an application which is carefully reviewed by the MLH team. The 50 selected are able to effectively communicate the ways in which they impacted the hacker community, the innovative work they’ve made, how they have inspired other hackers, and why their story is unique. 

Nominations are currently closed for 2024. If you want to be in the MLH Top 50, the best way to be selected is to contribute to our community. Some ideas that will certainly help:

  • Attend Lots of Hackathons: One of the best ways to stand out is to go to lots of hackathons. While you're there, you'll meet lots of hackers, organizers, sponsors, and MLH staff who might nominate you for the list next year.

  • Work on Interesting Projects: Submitting projects at hackathons is a great way to build a portfolio and showcase your work. When we're reviewing nominations, this is one of the first things we look for.

  • Organize a Hacker Gathering: We love to see community members giving back and inspiring others. Organizing hacker events like workshops, hackathons, and meetups with MLH's support is another great thing we might notice.

  • Support Other Hackers: Our community is only as strong as the people in it, help other hackers grow and you'll be much more likely to be selected.